Symposium: Advances in Selection Theory

Friday, August 22, 2014: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Stanley Park Ballroom (The Westin Bayshore)
Ricardo Pong-Wong
10:30 AM
Predicting Gain the Sustainable Way and its Relevance to Genomic Selection
John A. Woolliams, The Roslin Institute and R(D)SVS, University of Edinburgh; Kahsay G Nirea, Norwegian University of Life Sciences; Theo H. E. Meuwissen, Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences, University of Life Sciences
11:00 AM
Contribution of gene-gene interaction to genetic variation and its utilisation by selection
Asko Mäki-Tanila, MTT Agrifood Research Finland; William G Hill, University of Edinburgh
11:30 AM
The basis of genetic relationships in the era of genomic selection
Theo H. E. Meuwissen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences; Anna K Sonesson, NOFIMA; Jørgen Ødegård, AquaGen AS