Peiqiang Yu

University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK

213 Nutrient composition and degradation characteristics of anthocyanidin containing alfalfa transformed with Lc, C1 and Lc x C1 regulatory genes 215 Effect of pelleting at different conditions on ruminal degradation kinetics and intestinal digestion of canola meal in dairy cattle 980 Effect of co-expression of Lc and C1 flavanoid regulatory genes in alfalfa on nutritive value and ruminal methane production 1114 Relationship between Protein Structural Characteristics and Supply of Metabolizable Protein to Dairy Cattle from New Cool-Season Forage Corn Varieties in Western Canada 1291 Correlating Molecular Spectroscopy and Chemometrics to Explore Carbohydrate Utilization of Co-products from Bio-Fuel and Bio-Brewing Processing 1634 Relationship of protein structural conformation to protein functional property, buffer and water solubility, rumen digestive behaviors, and intestinal availability of common feeds in ruminants 1635 Carbohydrate -Protein Matrix Structure Impacts Protein and Other Primary Nutrient Digestion in Common Prairie Feeds with Different Soluble and Insoluble Fractions 1707 Feed value for ruminants of newly developed black and yellow type of canola seeds 1709 Microwave irradiation induced changes in protein inherent structure, protein chemical profile, protein subfractions and digestive behavior of different types of new hulless barley in the rumen and intestine of dairy cows 1831 Metabolic Characteristics and Truly Metabolizable Protein Supply to Dairy Cattle from New Cool-Season Forage Corn Varieties in Western Canada