Randy D Shaver

University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI

304 Effect of corn silage hybrids differing in starch and NDF digestibility on lactation performance and total tract nutrient digestibility by dairy cows 337 Relationship between fertility and postpartum changes in body condition and body weight in lactating dairy cows 662 Intestinal digestibility of amino acids in fluid- and particle-associated rumen bacteria determined using a precision-fed cecectomized rooster bioassay 1039 Case study: Fermentation profile, physical form, and starch digestibility of whole-plant corn silage harvested with novel processing 1087 Effect of ensiling time on fermentation profile and starch digestibility in whole plant corn silage from two different hybrid types 1412 Relationship between dry-matter intake and subclinical endometritis in healthy postpartum dairy cows 1539 Changes in plasma methionine concentrations after administration of two different doses of rumen protected methionine 1546 Amino Acid Analysis in Dairy Cow Plasma by Chloroformate Derivatization and Gas Chromatography 1583 Effects of ensiling, exogenous protease addition and inoculation on ruminal in vitro starch digestibility in rehydrated corn 1598 Ruminal in situ DM and starch digestion descriptive statistics of corn silage and high moisture corn 1601 Comparison of omasal and reticular sampling methods on ruminal nutrient outflow and digestion in lactating dairy cows 1602 VALIDATION OF A NEW APPROACH TO ESTIMATE TOTAL TRACT FIBER DIGESTIBILITY FROM IN VITRO NDFD VALUES 1698 Effect of reducing dietary starch on intake, lactation performance, and ruminal parameters of dairy cows: A meta-analysis 1753 Effect of dietary monensin supplementation and amino acid balancing on lactation performance by dairy cows 1851 Ration composition in Wisconsin dairy herds: factors affecting fertility LB5 Impact of brown-midrib Corn ShredlageŽ on lactation performance by dairy cows