Animal Behavior & Well-Being III

Wednesday, July 23, 2014: 2:00 PM-5:00 PM
2505A (Kansas City Convention Center)
Peter D Krawczel
2:00 PM
Breeding may simultaneously reduce pig aggressiveness at regrouping and in stable social groups but management may not
Simon P Turner, SRUC; Suzanne Desire, SRUC; Richard B D'Eath, SRUC; Laurianne Canario, INRA UMR1388; Rainer Roehe, SRUC
2:15 PM
Effect of concentrate feeder design on performance, animal behavior, and ruminal health in Holstein bulls fed high-concentrate diets
Marçal Verdu, IRTA-Department Ruminant Production; Alex Bach, Department of Ruminant Production, IRTA; Maria Devant, IRTA - Department of Ruminant Production
2:30 PM
Impact of using an electrified crowding gate on milk yield and milk flow
Isabel Guasch, Blanca; Ana Pinto, Department of Ruminant Production, IRTA; Alex Bach, Department of Ruminant Production, IRTA
2:45 PM
Using designer diets to reduce aggression in pregnant sows
Avi Sapkota, Purdue University; Jeremy N. Marchant-Forde, USDA-ARS; Brian T. Richert, Purdue University; Donald C. Lay Jr., U.S. Dept of Agriculture
3:00 PM
Selection and Breeding for Improved Feed Efficiency Alters Gilt Behavioral Responsiveness to a Novel Object
Jessica D. Colpoys, Iowa State University; Nicholas K. Gabler, Iowa State University; Caitlyn E. Abell, DNA Genetics; Aileen F. Keating, Iowa State University; Suzanne T. Millman, Iowa State University; Janice M. Siegford, Michigan State University; Anna K. Johnson, Iowa State University