Physiology Symposium - A Lifetime of Metabolites

Tuesday, March 18, 2014: 1:30 PM-5:05 PM
306-307 (Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center)
Lea A. Rempel
2:50 PM
Metabolic inflammation and immunomodulation in transition dairy cows
Kai Yuan, Kansas State University; Barry Bradford, Kansas State University
3:20 PM
3:30 PM
Impact of two heat stress models on performance and immune parameters of weaned pigs
Benjamin E. Bass, Diamond V; Meggan Bandrick, USDA National Animal Disease Center; Jason W Frank, Diamond V; Torey Looft, USDA National Animal Disease Center; Heather K Allen, USDA National Animal Disease Center; Thomas Casey, USDA National Animal Disease Center; Thaddeus B Stanton, USDA National Animal Disease Center
3:45 PM
Impact of disease on metabolism
Thomas E. Burkey, University of Nebraska; Phillip S. Miller, University of Nebraska
4:25 PM
Vitamin E metabolism in poultry
Mark P Richards, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Dale Perez, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Robert S Parker, Cornell; Mark E Berres, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Mamduh Sifri, ADM
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