Animal Behavior, Housing and Well-Being I

Tuesday, March 18, 2014: 1:30 PM-3:45 PM
318-319 (Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center)
Amy L Stanton
1:30 PM
Integrating technology and animal welfare: space and resource use of individual non-cage laying hens
Courtney L Daigle, Michigan State University; Debasmit Banerjee, Michigan State University; Robert A Montgomery, Michigan State University; Paul Thompson, Michigan State University; Janice C Swanson, Michigan State University; Subir K Biswas, Michigan State University; Janice M. Siegford, Michigan State University
2:15 PM
Beta-Agonist Supplementation Does not Affect Movement, Signs of Lameness, or Animal Welfare Measures of Finished Steers at the Feedyard or Packing Plant
Ben P. Holland, Merck Animal Health; Mark Corrigan, Merck Animal Health; Jessica L. Finck, Merck Animal Health; Jennie M. Hodgen, Merck Animal Health; John P. Hutcheson, Merck Animal Health; Wade T. Nichols, Merck Animal Health; Marshall N. Streeter, Merck Animal Health; David A. Yates, Merck Animal Health
2:30 PM
Heat Stress in utero Affects Piglets Later in Life
Brittany L. Lynch, College of Wooster; Jamie N. Rhoades, University of Missouri; Matthew C. Lucy, University of Missouri-Division of Animal Sciences; Timothy J. Safranski, University of Missouri
2:45 PM
Associations between sow body lesions with body condition and reproductive performance
Miranda Bryan, North Carolina State University; Mark Knauer, North Carolina State University
3:00 PM
Effect of the farm system on the behavioral response preslaughter and on meat quality variation in pigs
Luiene M Rocha, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; Antoni Dalmau, IRTA, Animal Welfare Group; Antonio Velarde, IRTA, Animal Welfare Group; Linda Saucier, Université Laval; Luigi Faucitano, Université Laval
3:15 PM
The impact of pellet quality on production efficiency and pig behavior in heat-stressed and thermoneutral environments
John M Langdon II, North Carolina State University; Eric van Heugten, North Carolina State University; Adam C Fahrenholz, North Carolina State University; Charles R Stark, North Carolina State University; Christina E Phillips, Murphy-Brown LLC; Mark Knauer, North Carolina State University
3:30 PM
Identifying characteristics of slow-growing pigs from birth to 9 weeks of age and growth performance responses to feeder space post-weaning
Yijie He, University of Minnesota; John Deen, University of Minnesota; Gerald C. Shurson, University of Minnesota; Yuzhi Li, University of Minnesota, West Central Research and Outreach Center