Dairy Extension - "Strategies To Improve Dairy Cattle Health, Welfare and Performance"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
306-307 (Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center)
J. A. Salfer
1:30 PM
2:05 PM
Calf growth and feed intake associations with milk yield
Denise L. Beam, Iowa State University; Kenneth J. Stalder, Iowa State University; Arlyn J. Heinrichs, Pennsylvania State University; Chad D. Dechow, Pennsylvania State University
2:20 PM
Serotonin: A new player in hypocalcemia
Laura L Hernandez, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Jimena Laporta, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2:55 PM
Holistic approach for the identification, risk assessment and mitigation of mycotoxins' impact in ruminant
Alexandros Yiannikouris, Center for Animal Nutrigenomics and Applied Animal Nutrition, Alltech
3:30 PM
A nutritional strategy to help control digital dermatitis in growing animals
Arturo Gomez, Zinpro Corporation; Dorte Döpfer, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin; Jeff DeFrain, Zinpro Corporation; Daryl H Kleinschmit, Zinpro Corporation; Dana J Tomlinson, Zinpro Corporation; Mike Socha, Zinpro Corporation
4:05 PM
Chromium for dairy cattle: An essential nutrient
Kevin J. Herrick, Kemin Industries, Inc.; Kenneth E. Griswold, Kemin Industries, Inc.; Peter Whitney Rounds, Kemin Industries, Inc.; Amy Duffield, Kemin Industries, Inc.; Debra O'Connor, Kemin Industries, Inc.
4:40 PM
Relationship between early lactation body condition score and mid-lactation feed efficiency in primiparous Holstein cows
Lydia C. Hardie, Iowa State University; Michael J. VandeHaar, Michigan State University; Diane M. Spurlock, Iowa State University
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