Graduate Student Competition: PhD Poster

Monday, March 14, 2016: 5:00 PM-5:45 PM
Grand Ballroom - Foyer (Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center)
Effects of grinding corn through a 2-, 3-, or 4-high roller mill on milling characteristics, and finishing pig growth performance and carcass characteristics
J. T. Gebhardt, Kansas State University; M. D. Tokach, Kansas State University; J. C. Woodworth, Kansas State University; J. M. DeRouchey, Kansas State University; R. D. Goodband, Kansas State University; K. F. Coble, New Fashion Pork; C. R. Stark, Kansas State University; C. K. Jones, Kansas State University; S. S. Dritz, Kansas State University
Characterization of nutrient content, yield, and gross return to cattle feeding at three corn crop endpoints
Haley E. Larson, University of Minnesota; Alex A. Hohertz, University of Minnesota; Mark Lostetter, University of Minnesota Rosemount Research and Outreach Center; Alfredo DiCostanzo, University of Minnesota
Carcass gain, efficiency, quality, and profitability in steers at extended days on feed
Robert G. Bondurant, University of Nebraska; J. C. MacDonald, University of Nebraska; G. E. Erickson, University of Nebraska; Kathleen Brooks, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Kelly W. Bruns, University of Nebraska-Linclon, West Central Research & Extension Center; Richard N. Funston, University of Nebraska
Weaned pig responses to Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide challenge when receiving dietary yeast-based nucleotides
Samuel M Waititu, University of Manitoba; M. C Nyachoti, University of Manitoba; Fugui Yin, University of Manitoba; Rob Patterson, Canadian Biosystems; Juan Carlos Rodriguez-Lecompte, University of Prince Edward Island
Dietary lysine affected the expression of genes related to ubiquitin-proteasome protein degradation pathway in skeletal muscle of finishing pigs
Taiji Wang, Mississippi State University; Naresh Regmi, Mississippi State University; Jean-Magloire Feugang, Mississippi State University; Mark A. Crenshaw, Mississippi State University; John R. Blanton, Mississippi State University; Shengfa F. Liao, Mississippi State University
Impacts of early weaning and winter feeding strategy on cow-calf performance
Janna J. Kincheloe, South Dakota State University; Kenneth C. Olson, South Dakota State University; Patricia S. Johnson, South Dakota State University; Roger N. Gates, South Dakota State University; Doug Landblom, North Dakota State University; Heather A. Richter, Natural Resources Conservation Service; Allison V. Grove, AG Research, LLC
Influence of growing phase feed efficiency classification on finishing phase growth performance and carcass characteristics of beef steers fed different diet types
J. R. Russell, Iowa State University; Erika L. Lundy, Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University; N. O. Minton, University of Missouri; William J Sexten, University of Missouri; Monty S Kerley, University of Missouri; Stephanie L. Hansen, Iowa State University