Testes size as predictor for semen production of boars and relation to female reproductive traits

Thursday, August 21, 2014
Posters (The Westin Bayshore)
Florence Ytournel , Hypor, Boxmeer, Netherlands
Emmanuel Brunet , France Gènes, Saint Gérand, France
Peter Derks , Hypor, Boxmeer, Netherlands
Abe Huisman , Hendrix Genetics, Boxmeer, Netherlands
Abstract Text: Semen production is an important parameter to A.I. studs in the pig industry. This parameter can only be evaluated once the boar has entered quarantine and semen has been collected. Therefore, a protocol to score the testes size of the boars subjectively was developed. We evaluated these subjective scores of testes size as a predictor of semen production and its correlations to female reproduction traits in one of the Hypor populations. Results are showing that boars with bigger testes produce semen with a higher concentration of spermatozoa than boars with smaller testes and thus more doses although the volume produced is reduced. Moreover, positive correlations to female reproductive traits (total born and percentage born alive) were found.


Pig production

Testes size

Semen production

Female reproductive traits