An Update on Carrier and Delivery Systems Using Casein Micelles from Bovine Milk

Monday, July 21, 2014: 3:30 PM
3501C (Kansas City Convention Center)
Federico Harte , University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Abstract Text:

Although the structure-function relationships of casein micelles remain under discussion, there is strong evidence suggesting that casein micelles in bovine milk are natural delivery systems not only for calcium but also for other biomacromolecules. Recent research and development in the structure-function properties of casein micelles has put emphasis on processing operations to improve the binding of low molecular weight hydrophobic molecules. Improved binding properties of casein micelles has been achieved by using enzymatic processes (e.g., transglutaminase) or through environmental modifications including pH, ionic strength, solvent properties, pressure, and shear. Researchers are starting to understand the mechanisms that trigger delivery (e.g., pH, enzymatic digestion) and the role that individual casein proteins play in binding and delivery of bioactives compounds important in the food (e.g., flavor and color delivery), and pharmaceutical (drug delivery) fields. This symposium is designed to update the academic and industry communities on current and future developments on the use of a natural nano-delivery system such as the casein micelles from bovine milk.

Keywords: casein, encapsulation, delivery