Effect of sunflower seed or sunflower oil as diet supplement on milk production, milk composition and milk fatty acid profile in lactating goats

Tuesday, July 22, 2014: 9:30 AM
2103B (Kansas City Convention Center)
Tarek Abdelfattah Morsy , National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt
Sobhy Kholif , National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt
Osama Matloup , National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt
Amgad Abu Elella , Animal Production Research Institute, Agriculture Research Center, Cairo, Egypt
Abstract Text:

Seeds are natural source of fats and proteins in dairy animal feed; which contain unsaturated fatty acids. Some of these seeds, especially sunflower seed contain about 40% oil and the oils are protected in the seeds as long as has not been crushed. Given the importance of some of these seeds and oils to improve the performance of the animals and his reproductive activity and also increase the percentage of unsaturated fatty acids in milk specialty Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) which is of great importance to human health. Therefore in this study we try to investigate the effect of a diet supplemented with sunflower seed or sunflower oil on milk production and composition and also milk fatty acids profile in dairy goats. Fifteen lactating Damascus goats were used in this experiment, starting by the first week of lactation stage and stay 90 day period. Goats divided into three aged groups and assigned at random to receive one of 3 dietary treatments, 5 animals each, using complete randomized block design. The treatments were (1) control, (2) control +50g/head/day Sunflower seed and (3) control +20 ml/head/day Sunflower oil, Control ration consisted of concentrate feed mixture (CFM): bersem clover (50:50 dry matter bases). Milk was sampled every two weeks during the experimental period for chemical analysis. Results indicated that experimental additives, especially Sunflower oil had significantly increased (p<0.05) milk yield, fat and lactose contents compared with the control, however urea nitrogen milk was decreased (p>0.05) by treatments compared to the control. The experimental additives were increased (p<0.05) unsaturated fatty acids in milk specially [C18:2 trans-10, cis-12] and conjugated linoleic acids (CLA). Moreover all additives increased (p>0.05) C18:3N3 and C18:3N6 (omega 3 and omega6) compared with control. In conclusion, adding either whole sunflower seed or sunflower oil to lactating goats ration had beneficial effects on milk yield and milk composition and so enhance healthy fatty acids (CLA and omega 3) contents in milk, without detrimental effects on animal performance.


lactating goats, sunflower , milk composition