Graduate Student Competition PhD Poster

Monday, March 16, 2015: 5:00 PM-5:45 PM
Grand Ballroom - Posters (Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center)
Effects of standardized ileal digestible lysine and added tribasic copper chloride on growth performance and carcass characteristics of finishing pigs
Kyle F. Coble, Kansas State University; Steve S. Dritz, Kansas State University; James L. Usry, Micronutrients; Mike D. Tokach, Kansas State University; Joel M. DeRouchey, Kansas State University; Robert D. Goodband, Kansas State University; Jason C. Woodworth, Kansas State University
Effect of dietary lysine on carcass dressing percentage and lean cut yield in late finishing pigs
Taiji Wang, Mississippi State University; Naresh Regmi, Mississippi State University; Mark A. Crenshaw, Mississippi State University; John R. Blanton, Mississippi State University; Shengfa F. Liao, Mississippi State University
Feeding Vitamin E May Reverse Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Membrane Instability Caused by Feeding Wet Distillers Grains Plus Solubles to Cattle
Michael D Chao, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Katherine Domenech-Perez, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Chris R. Calkins, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Oral administration of amino acids as energy sources for newborn piglets
Naiana Einhardt Manzke, North Carolina State University; Gabriela Ceratti Hoch, Universidade Federal do Pampa; Bruna Gomes, Universidade Federal de Pelotas; Marianne Kutschenko, Ajinomoto do Brasil/Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition; Eduardo G. Xavier, Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPEL) - Brazil; Gustavo J.M.M. De Lima, Embrapa; Eduardo Nogueira, Ajinomoto do Brasil/Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition
Differential MicroRNA Expression in Sperm Cells and Seminal Plasma due to PRRSV Infection
Samantha M Calcatera, Clemson University; Darwin L Reicks, Swine Vet Center; Alex Feltus, Clemson University; Scott L Pratt, Clemson University
Effects of Detoxifying Agents on Growth Performance of Nursery Pigs Fed Deoxynivalenol-Contaminated Wheat
H. L Frobose, Kansas State University; Ethan W Stephenson, Kansas State University; M. D. Tokach, Kansas State University; J. M. DeRouchey, Kansas State University; R. E. Musser, NUTRIQUEST; Steven S. Dritz, Kansas State University; R. D. Goodband, Kansas State University; J. C. Woodworth, Kansas State University; Jim L Nelssen, Kansas State University