Ruminant II

Tuesday, March 15, 2016: 5:00 PM-5:45 PM
Grand Ballroom - Foyer (Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center)
A comparison of bale feeder types on forage waste by beef cows
Katie Nenn, University of Minnesota; Nicole Kenney-Rambo, University of Minnesota; Alfredo DiCostanzo, University of Minnesota
Effects of a fenugreek extract (Nutrifen) in combination with organic trace minerals on feedlot performance in Angus heifers
John W Lemaster, Furst McNess Company; Megan R Bible, Furst McNess Company; Steve J England, Furst McNess Company; Fredrik B Sandberg, Furst McNess Company
Evaluation of a Commercial Genetic Test to Determine Tolerance to Fescue Toxicity in Beef Cattle
Mariana M Masiero, University of Missouri; Craig A Roberts, AgBotanica, LLC; Monty S Kerley, AgBotanica, LLC; Robert L Kallenbach, AgBotanica, LLC
Stocking management effects on forage composition, cow methane emissions, and soil properties of cool season pastures
James R Russell, Iowa State University; Justin Bisinger, Iowa State University; Wendy J Powers, Michigan State University
Dimorphic chronological development of ruminant digestive system supports development of equivalent muscle fatty acid profiles in continuously suckled and weaned Katahdin lambs
Quinn S. Baptiste, Berea College; Marlon Knights, West Virginia University; Adam K Redhead, West Virginia University; Eugene Felton, West Virginia University
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